My 2013 in music

I saw some folks putting these together, and I thought I’d do likewise – it seemed like a fun way to kill a hungover afternoon. The challenge is simple: create a playlist that reflects your year – a track for each month. Something you listened to in that month that stuck out to you, or matched where you were or your mood. I agonized over this for an hour or so. Here’s my list: Nothing to Say – The Computers. January was me coming off the back of a rough back-end of last year. A lot of emotional bullshit, and […]

Starfox turns 20

I spotted this on twitter just now, and I just had to put up a little blog commenting that I can’t quite believe that Star Fox as a series is 20 years old today. Being born in 1989, it seems like a good chunk of the games that I grew up with are now turning ripe old ages. There’s the ones that pre-date me slightly like Mario, Zelda and Final Fantasy, where I jumped on board with the titles released in the mid 90s. They’re hitting around 25, while the franchises that launched not long after I was unleashed upon […]

My top ten games of 2012

Everybody’s doing lists… so I suppose I should join in. I spent some time today, on the 1st, reflecting on my favourite games from the previous year. It’s always hard to distill a top ten – but I’ve got mine, with two additional honourable mentions outside of the top ten. Here goes: Persona 4: Golden is a release that I haven’t actually played yet – so it obviously can’t qualify for this list. I did want to drop it a mention, though, as I understand that it is an incredibly competent port of what is not just one of my […]