ad-2Hey there! I’m Alexander ‘APZonerunner’ Donaldson. I’m a critic, journalist and web developer specialising in the technology and video game industries.

I have over ten years’ experience in the industry. I got my start in the year 2000 aged just 11, where with friends I built a website dedicated to a series of games I loved. My knowledge, skill set and the website itself grew over time into a career that supported me throughout my further education studies and then became a full-time commitment.

I currently work full-time on Gamer Network’s VG247, where I specialise in creating quality long-form editorial content as well as highly-targeted, search engine friendly traffic around the biggest games and trends.

I am also the co-founder and co-owner of the Mist Network, a group of independent websites that produce highly focused content around niche video game products. The network includes a variety of successful websites including RPG Site, Nova Crystallis, Mognet Central and Save/Continue to name a few, with each site serving its specific niche in a highly focused manner. On RPG Site I also act as the Publisher and Editorial Director. In this role I have been able to develop skills beyond writing, dealing with issues such as staff management, trade show logistics, web design and the supply and sale of advertising inventory.


If you want to get in touch with me, the easiest way is via email. Drop me a line at alex [at] donaldson.zone.

You can also find me on twitter @APZonerunner – and you’ll find I sport that same username on pretty much every gaming or social media service that you can imagine.